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Frankenstein eliquid

Looking for something special for your e-cigarette? Get ready! Frankenstein has come! Dare to try the secret flavor of a new exciting e-liquid! Enjoy this strong vape with a little bit of mystery. Wanna know the Frankenstein's secret? It's amazing taste of Marshmallow and kiwi in one incredible liquid for e-cigs. If you're looking for sweet and fresh flavor, the Frankenstein eliquid is exactly what you need.

Frankenstein e liquid is organic product that contains only natural ingredients. Top quality is guaranteed. 

Horchata eliquid

Horchata is a traditional Mexican drink: rice milk with a cinnamon. This e-liquid has a creamy flavor with spicy notes of Cinnamon and nuts. If you want to get something really special, mix it with honey or coffee e-liquids and enjoy the unique taste. Wanna try it right now? There's no need to buy a ticket to Mexico. You can buy the Horchata e-liquid online! It is authentic Mexican taste: milky, sweet, nutty and absolutely natural. Horchata has a specific aroma, but it's not too strong and won’t linger in the room or on your clothes.

The product consists of natural organic ingredients.

Butter Mint eliquid

Who doesn’t remember that sweet and creamy goodness melting in your mouth? Small, colorful mints in a jar or in a crystal candy bowl – a delicious, soothing memory from our childhood.  Smooth, thick buttery flavor combined with teasing mint and soothing vanilla is good for your soul and now it is also good for your health! The Butter Mint e-liquid will bring you the immense pleasure of inhaling the sweet aroma of vanilla and mint and tasting the creamy, frosting-like flavor in your mouth, allowing the memories to carry you away from your troubles, leaving them to melt away like the buttermint on your tongue and bring you back to your childhood for a little while. Whenever you have a craving for this special and nostalgic treat, just find a moment to smoke your e-cigarette and savor this soft, sweet flavor!

Ginger Snapped eliquid

If you love ginger pastry, but don't have time to bake it or buy it, you will love this flavor. Bringing you the taste you remember since childhood, it will make even the blandest of routines sweet. From now on nothing will stop you from savoring the combined taste of vanilla, cinnamon and ginger. Enjoying ginger snaps has never been so easy and so healthy!  

Goods 1 - 4 of 4
products per page

We have selected only the best and the most popular e-liquids for you.  This is a 100% organic product! In the Team Vape online shop you can buy e-cigs liquids with your favorite scent: strawberry, cherry, chocolate and even freshly baked pastry. Our bestsellers also include universal flavors that will satisfy everyone’s tastes and exclusive e-liquids with special flavors. Choose whatever e-liquid you like. Maybe it will become our next bestseller!