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– Beverage E-liquid Sample Pack

Hey there, party lovers! Now if your soul craves for a little celebration, you can bring your party with you! No, we don’t mean anything illegal! With our Beverage E-liquid Sample Pack you can enjoy your life to the fullest even in the dullest environment. We offer you five flavor samples a.k.a the Party King;s Emergency Kit:  Apple Juice, Blue Hawaii, Cola Gummies, Grape Flip and Lemon Sugar! Sounds good, right? Pick a new flavor each day and liven up your working routine with a delicate taste of apple juice, exotic  sweetness  of Blue Hawaii,  energizing Cola, sour and sweet Lemon Sugar and, of course, sweet-sweet Grape Flip. This sample pack will help you last till weekend and throw a real party! Don’t miss your chance!

Blue Hawaii eliquid

The refreshing and heady mix of your favorite exotic flavors in the best Hawaiian traditions. This e-liquid has a bright taste with juicy and fruity accents. The perfect choice for fans of Blue Hawaii cocktail! It will remind you of turquoise ocean waves and incredible parties on the beach. Feel the fresh tropical breeze every time when you inhale this aroma!

Butterummy eliquid

This e-liquid has a warm taste of the hot Butter Rum cocktail. This is exactly what you need for a cold winter days! Its rich aroma leaves no one indifferent. Imagine a cozy cafe where you can relax and warm up. Enjoy each inhalation of heavenly Butterummy aroma. Why wait for winter?  Butterummy is perfect for any season. You can add a bit of Vanilla or Cinnamon e-liquid according to your taste.

All our liquids for e-cigarettes are made of organic natural ingredients. 100% quality is guaranteed.

Jasmine Green Tea eliquid

This e-liquid perfectly mirrors the soft and astringent taste of green tea. Magical jasmine aroma will invigorate you and bring you into great mood. Stay active for the entire day! Brew a cup of strong and take pleasure in smoking an e-cigarette with Jasmine Green Tea e-liquid! Try to mix it with your other favorite flavors: milky, cinnamon, caramel, lemon or Lychee e-liquid. The vape is not too strong and will be perfect for both men and women.

Jasmine Green Tea eliquid is a high-quality organic product. All ingredients in this e-liquid are 100% natural. 

Pearmosa eliquid

Delicate and sweet-scented pears go well together with sparkling champagne, creating an incredible, sophisticated cocktail. With our Pearmosa e-liquid we offer you a chance to enjoy the taste of this lovely drink anytime without worrying about breaking the no-alcohol rules and worrying about treating yourself to alcohol drinks off the clock! After all, you are not breaking any rules by having a healthy smoking break with your e-cigarette filled with the Pearmosa e-liquid, right? Feel free to savor the honey-like pear sweetness and bubbly champagne anytime and forget about dizziness or other negative effects. With us and our 100% natural products your safe smoking will be as healthy as possible and as pleasant as it can be!  

Phat Chai eliquid

Phat Chai is an extremely delicious warm, spicy tea with milk. With its unique flavor that makes you think of the pumpkin pie straight from the oven or about sitting by the fireplace during cold winter days. Experience the magical taste and scent of cardamom, cinnamon, fennel, ginger, cloves, peppercorns and other authentic Indian spices mixed together with soft rich milk, sugar and chai with Phat Chai e-liquid. Whenever you feel cold or need to feel yourself safe and at home, this soothing and spicy flavor will warm you up and feel you mind with pleasant thoughts of comfort, security and foretaste of great and happy times. 

Plum Wine eliquid

Plum wine is not your average or traditional wine. Some people don’t even considered it a real wine, because it is not made with wine grapes, however many gourmets won’t agree with that opinion. Plum wine is known and valued for its sophisticated taste and  sweet apricot, plum, or peach flavor that you must try at least once in your life. However finding a properly made plum wine may be a challenge, because its production heavily relies on a plum season. If you are a plum wine lover, there are two ways for you. First is to make plum wine yourself and second – try our Plum  Wine e-liquid. We made our best to ensure that you can always enjoy the ripe plums and unique sweetness of this unusual drink. The Plum Wine e-liquid provides you with the most natural experience. After having the first intake of this unique vape, you won’t be able to tell the difference and will be pleased by familiar, memorable taste and light scent. 

Root Beer eliquid

Many people find root beer to be very unusual and pleasant at the same time. This drink is has a soft and pleasant taste, which always differs depending on the recipe. We tried to combine the best of this unique taste in our Root Beer e-liquid! If you don’t like alcohol drinks and sweetness of cocktails is too saccharine for you, this incredible and original flavor may be just what you need! Enjoy the delightful infusion of ginger, sassafras, sarsaparilla, lots of sugar and mix of herbs in one single vape! If you are a root beer enthusiast who has tried our many recipes already, you won’t be disappointed by this one! Perfectly mirroring the taste of quality root beer, this e-liquid help you pacify your cravings if you don’t have a bottle of root beer at hand.  

Peppermint Mocha eliquid

You need something more than a cup of coffee to stay active during the day? Well, let's add some peppermint and chocolate! You quit smoking recently and miss your morning cigarettes? We have a solution! Try Peppermint Mocha e-liquid! This flavor is perfect for your working days! The refreshing minty taste will keep your head clear and your spirits up for the entire day, allowing you to stay productive and positive.  

Apple Juice Eliquid

The organic e-liquid with a rich Apple Juice flavor is a real pleasure! This vape will be perfect for hot summer days. Enjoy the bright aroma of delicious ripe apples! You can mix it up with the Cinnamon or Cloves flavor according to your taste. If you really like fresh fruit juice, you should definitely try our Apple Juice e-liquid.

Apple Juice Eliquid contains only natural ingredients. The vape is absolutely safe for your health.

Goods 1 - 10 of 10
products per page

All your favorite beverages featured in one organic e-liquids collection! What would you like to try?  A cup of robust coffee? Some jasmine green tea?  A spicy root beer or a Blue Hawaii exotic cocktail? Only in our online shop you can order e-liquids with the most unique flavors: cola gummies, kafe flan, lychee. Our natural Beverage e-liquids will amaze even the pickiest gourmets. Enjoy the flavor of your favorite drink even when smoking your e-cigarette.  Try out new flavors to make your safesmoking as pleasurable as possible. Everyone can find their favorite flavor from our broad e-liquids assortment!