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Kafe Flan eliquid

Thick, sweet, and exquisite…This is what a properly made coffee flan tastes like and this is the taste you would like to savor for the entire day. Now you have all means for this! The Kafe Flan e-liquid is a mouthwatering scent of caramelized sugar and cream, rich coffee syrup and vanilla cream flavor melting on your tongue and zero chemical elements! Kafe Flan e-liquid will do no harm neither to your figure or teeth nor to your lungs.  Experience pure sensory bliss after each intake and stay healthy at the same time!  Coffee lovers and desert addicts already love this amazing flavor and enjoy coffee and vanilla goodness every day. Don’t hesitate, join them!  

Choklat Puddin’ eliquid

It is impossible for a flavor to taste bad when it has chocolate in its name! Especially when it's a chocolate pudding flavor! The creamy taste of tender pudding is so real you can almost feel it melting on your tongue. Good news, you won't have to ask for more - just buy this Choklat Puddin' e-liquid and treat yourself!   

Orange Truffle eliquid

Orange and chocolate always taste good together. Add the sophisticated truffle flavor to the mix and you get a unique and elegant taste. This perfect orange and chocolate elixir has pleasant light scent, that won’t irritate anyone around you lest you decide to have a smoke. Savor the juicy and a bit sour orange flavor combined with bittersweet black chocolate and strong semi-sweet truffle whenever you want. The Orange Truffle e-liquid will make your healthy smoking delicious…and extremely elegant!

Lemon Bar eliquid

If you don't like too much sugar in your desserts, enjoy some sour notes and can't stand chocolate, we recommend you to try this flavor! A perfect balance of light citrus and sweetness — nothing more, nothing less just like you prefer it. The Lemon Bar e-liquid is made of 100% natural components, so you don't have to worry about any synthetic aftertaste or harmful effects.

Bananas Flambe eliquid

Sadly, not everyone can afford a bananas flambe every day...or do they? Now you can enjoy your favorite dessert regularly, without going to fancy restaurants. Bananas Flambe e-liquid will flooded your senses with the exotic taste of an authentic flambe and its sweet, natural aroma. With a bottle of flavored e-liquid and an e-cigarette you can have your bananаs flambe break it anytime, anywhere, without wasting money!   

Rapture eliquid

If you are looking for something to help you relax and take a break from everything, you are welcome to try out this new flavor. Rapture e-liquid will bring you a taste and aroma of bananas and strawberries under nutty creamy custard, making your worries, stresses and problems melt in heavenly, enrapturing sensations.

Strawberry Dream eliquid

You can't say no to this delicious creamy strawberry dessert! Just try this perfect bright flavor! It's simply amazing! Words can't describe delicate sweetness and unforgettable aroma of fresh strawberry mixed with cream. Imagine yourself somewhere in Paris, in a small cozy cafe. Forget about time and enjoy vaping whenever you want. You just can't refuse this silky & smooth flavor. Discover the Strawberry Dream!

Goods 1 - 7 of 7
products per page