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Fruits & Berries

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– Fruit Sample Pack

If you are not sure which flavor to choose, we offer you an entire sample pack! Cherryum, Straweberry Dream, Lemon Sugar, Sweet Clementine, Watermelon - five flavors and five e-liquid samples for you to try out! Pick your favorite flavor and make your safe smoking more enjoyable! Who knows, maybe you will love all five!

Lychee eliquid

The taste of lychee fruit is something truly unique. Some people say it tastes like grapes, strawberries and watermelon combined, other people compare it to pears and roses and there are people who would say that it tastes like a sweet perfume, even though they have no idea how to describe it. The point is, lychee fruit is rich and flavorful, sub-sweet and a bit sour has a wonderful freshness of to it that no one can deny and is overall delicious. If you are curious, you can make your own opinion by trying out the Lychee e-liquid! If you think that it is not the same as the real lychee fruit, than you are partially right. While you can’t eat our liquid, its delightfully tangy tropical flavor and sweet exotic scent are absolutely indistinguishable from the fruit itself. We know it, because we use only natural components for our liquids to avoid any undesirable or hazard chemical tinges.  Enjoy this delightfully tangy tropical flavor at your work or home, savor the unique indescribable taste and all its shades anytime! Who knows, maybe it will become your favorite flavor. 

Monkey Mud eliquid

An energizing mix of banana and coffee sounds a bit strange, but at the same time it is undeniably delicious. The contrast of soft banana aroma mixed with rich coffee and dash of cream will definitely make your day! You are recommended a nice intake of Monkey Mud e-liquid anytime, regardless of time of the year. Don’t be afraid: the e-liquid is absolutely harmless. We advocate for healthy smoking and therefore we check the quality of our products very thoroughly, using only organic in natural components for each e-liquid. It also allow us to provide you with the most naturally tasting flavors and scents! Check out the Monkey Mud e-liquid and see for yourself!  

Pamplona eliquid

Just one intake of this amazing e-liquid will remind you of Spain in summer, of hot sun, happy laughter and carefree blue of the sky. Cool luscious red wine mixed with crushed apples, grapefruits, lemons and oranges creates unique flavor of pleasant airy sweetness that chases all your worries away and leaves you inspired to travel to Andalusia, Cataluña, Valencia, Madrid and, naturally, Navarre, walk down the sun-kissed streets of Pamplona and rest in the shade with a glass of traditional Spanish wine filled with fruits and ice. With the Pamplona e-liquid you will always have a piece of Spanish summer to savor and enjoy. Feel the cool and energizing touch of carefree sunlit Spain in just every intake!    

Peaches Savoy eliquid

Raspberry fool, vanilla ice-cream and peaches - what else do you need for a heavenly delight? Now you can treat yourself to this airy dessert more often with Peaches Savoy liquid! This flavor combines everything you love about this desert and brings you natural taste and aroma that you can enjoy at any time of the day. If you are in the bad mood or just crave for something sophisticated and sweet, Peaches Savoy e-liquid is exactly what you need.

Brambleberry eliquid

Attention, berry lovers! We are glad to offer you a berry mix of your dreams. Raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, cranberry and many other kinds of berries are combined in one amazing flavor. No more thorns or berry juice stains, only pure pleasure.

Cantaloupe eliquid

We have lots of flavors for various fruits and berries, but juicy and sweet cantaloupe definitely gets the first prize. There is something about its honey-sweet and soft scent that just makes your mouth water. The Cantaloupe e-liquid has exactly the same effect and you are welcome to see it for yourself! Just try it out during your smoking break, at home and or while taking a walk in the park and you will feel like you have just treated yourself a fine, ripe cantaloupe! Cantaloupe e-liquid is the best choice for the everyday healthy smoking, regardless of the time of the year.

Cherryum eliquid

Tart, sweet, sour, somewhere in-between or super sweet like Maraschino cherries, bathing in a red sugary syrup…Various types of cherries taste differently and each of us have their own preferred taste when it comes to those juicy red berries.  Combining the best from every type, the Cherryum e-liquid  is a blessing for those who can’t get enough of cherries. A subtle, sweet flavor of fresh, ripe hand-picked cherries and natural refreshing aroma will definitely put you into a cherry…pardon, cheery mood for the rest of the day (pun definitely intended).  If you are dubious about flavored e-liquid holding up to real cherries, then you probably haven’t tried our e-liquids before! Each e-liquid is made from 100% organic and natural components to ensure its natural flavor and scent. Try the Cherryum e-liquid and see for yourself!  

Honeydew eliquid

The mere scent of sweet, fresh and succulent honeydew melon can make your taste buds explode. So take great caution when smoking your e-cigarette filled with the Honeydew e-liquid in crowd – few people can resist this amazing flavor and aroma! In case people around you start getting sudden melon cravings, send some of them to us and we will help them out! This e-liquid has all chances to become your favorite! Watery honey flavor and amazing natural aroma are the best solution for hot summer day. Enjoy your slice of light sweet, velvety ripe green melon in the morning, at work, in the evening or at the beach.  All our e-liquids are 100% organic and made of natural components, so you can rest assured that every flavor you are savoring has completely authentic taste. 

Goods 1 - 9 of 9
products per page

Try the fantastic burst of our Fruits & Berries e-liquids line! If you are a hookah lover, you are going to love it. Sweet strawberry, juicy apple, fresh lime and many other fruit e-liquids are available in our online shop.  If you have problem with choosing a flavor for your e-cig, just think about your favorite fruits and berries. E-cigarettes will bring you more pleasure than regular ones if you select one of those appetizing flavors.  We offer you to order natural e-liquids with exotic fruit or wild berry flavors for the best prices on the Internet!