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Grape Flip eliquid

Feel the real bubble blast! This e-liquid has a bright taste of a sparkling grape soda. You don't need to buy your favorite beverage every time you need freshen up yourself. Enjoy its perfect rich flavor anywhere you go! Sweet soda and a bubbly float together make a perfect mix of incredible tastes. This e-liquid has an average amount of sweetness. Grape adds a little bit of tartness to this juicy vape.

All our e-liquids contain only natural 100% organic ingredients. Quality is guaranteed!

South Bay Cooler eliquid

The freshness of Southern Californian breeze, exotic  tinges of pineapple and energizing tang of orange – this what the South Bay Cooler cocktail tastes like. If you want to know what California is about or just nostalgic, there is a way for you to experience the sunny taste without getting reprimanded for consuming alcohol at the workplace. The South Bay Cooler e-liquid will freshen your thoughts up like a salty ocean wave on a golden beach of California, reminding you of good people, good times and activities. Don’t be so fast to think that an alcohol cocktail-flavored e-liquid cannot affect you mood in any way, because we have lots of our clients ready to prove you wrong. First, we use only natural ingredients to ensure the authentic taste and scent. Second, alcohol itself is not as important as the  flavor of rich exotic fruits! 

Zero Balance eliquid

If you have trouble choosing your favorite fruit flavor, rejoice! Now you can have them all in one e-liquid. The Zero Balance e-liquid is called like that for are reason, for it is a perfect combination of every fruit flavor you know and love, that will being you extreme fruity delight! You will be amazed at its rich, invigorating taste and  will instantly add this flavor to your favorites. Now if you are in the mood for something healthy, naturally sweet and favorite, you won’t have to choose between countless flavors. Just pick one and get the best of each fruit! 

Apple Jax eliquid

An e-liquid with the flavor of your favorite cereal? Who’d have thought? And who wouldn’t love to try it out? Although we don’t suggest replacing your breakfast an Apple Jax-filled e-cigarette, it is a perfect opportunity for you to cheer yourself up with the taste and scent of your favorite breakfast!  It will certainly bring some pleasant moments during smoking break and even a bit of comfort. As we know, cereals are often associated with home, comfort and typically morning carefree feeling. This is something everyone needs now and then, so why must you deny yourself a delight like this? It doesn’t hurt anyone. Quite in the opposite, it helps you stay healthy and lift you moods up!  

French Toast eliquid

It is buttery, it is brown sugary and eggy and too good to be true! Nothing is better than a soft creamy bread, soaked in creamy eggs and sweetened with brown sugar and maple syrup with a dash of cinnamon! However not everyone can enjoy the goodness that is French toast for many reasons. Some may be watching their figure and some of us just don’t have time for this treat because of their busy schedule. But we think we have a way to help you out. Our French toast e-liquid will make you happy at any time of the day! Don’t miss the chance to experience the joy of smooth, thick, creamy and gooey taste with a touch of warm spice. It will melt in your mouth and fill your senses with the feeling of calm, pleasant morning. We kid you not, the taste and the aroma are 100% authentic, because we use only natural components to bring you the most realistic experience! 

Fire Ballz eliquid

Some things just have to be experienced. For example, you can’t properly describe the taste of cinnamon to anyone if they haven’t tasted it themselves. Now they have this chance with  the Fire Ballz e-liquid . This hot and sweet flavor will hit your senses like a fireball! No cringing from bitterness, no negative side-effects, only the best of this spice’s taste and fragrance! Some people like it hot, some people like it sweet, some people like both.  With Fire Ballz e-liquid all those differences don’t matter, because it will satisfy everyone’s cravings!  The explosion of hot, bitter and sweet taste won’t leave you unimpressed. You will definitely want to experience this once more!

Waffle Cone eliquid

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who eat waffle cones and those who have no idea what they are missing! If you appreciate crunchy waffles with a bit of vanilla and caramel, we have good news for you! Now you can enjoy it over and over again just by smoking your e-cigarette with Waffle Cone e-liquid! A familiar taste will always cheer you! Just be careful: people around may start craving for ice-cream!

Violets are Grey eliquid

Usually violets are blue, but not in this case. Our Violets Are Grey e-liquid flavor combines the best of two worlds! Who doesn't like the scent of violets? Who wouldn't like a cup of fine earl grey tea? Now you can have both at the same time. When smoking an e-cigarette with Violets Are Gray e-liquid you will be enjoying the taste of tea and milk and surrounded by flowery scent. How elegant!

Goods 1 - 8 of 8
products per page

Try our new 100% organic E-liquids flavors! You won’t find those in any other shop. Only here you can buy the latest e-cigarettes liquids with fruit, spicy, mint and many other amazing flavors. Don’t restrict yourself by using one flavor only. Make your mix and enjoy the bright explosion of taste! Our e-cigs liquids are made of high quality organic components and absolutely non-hazard. Keep an eye on our website for updates and don’t miss the exclusive offers for the best prices!