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Cherryum eliquid

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Tart, sweet, sour, somewhere in-between or super sweet like Maraschino cherries, bathing in a red sugary syrup…Various types of cherries taste differently and each of us have their own preferred taste when it comes to those juicy red berries.  Combining the best from every type, the Cherryum e-liquid  is a blessing for those who can’t get enough of cherries. A subtle, sweet flavor of fresh, ripe hand-picked cherries and natural refreshing aroma will definitely put you into a cherry…pardon, cheery mood for the rest of the day (pun definitely intended).  If you are dubious about flavored e-liquid holding up to real cherries, then you probably haven’t tried our e-liquids before! Each e-liquid is made from 100% organic and natural components to ensure its natural flavor and scent. Try the Cherryum e-liquid and see for yourself!  

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