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Banana Now Banana Later eliquid

A taste of your favorite chewing candies now is in our high-quality liquids for e-cigarettes. You will definitely enjoy mild aroma and sweetness of ripe bananas! It's a great pleasure for fans of chewing sweets and exotic fruits. Vapes have never tasted so good! 

Now you can buy the natural organic e-liquid with flavor of banana chewing candies online. Choose the nicotine level according to your taste.

Cola Gummies eliquid

This organic e-liquid has a strong classic flavor of Cola gummy candies. It's an incredible pleasure for those who miss this authentic taste from their childhood. Cola Gummies e-liquid is even better than chewing candies, because it has zero calories. Now you can easily give up ordinary cigarettes.

All the components in this e-liquid are 100% natural. You can savor it as much as you want!

Cotton Candy eliquid

The taste of cotton candy is the one of the most recognizable flavors…as well as the most fleeting ones. The feeling of a sugary poofy strawberry sweetness dissolving in your mouth into a taste of sandy sugar is incredibly satisfying and very frustrating at the same time. We enjoy it while it lasts and at the same time we can never have enough. However, not anymore! With our Cotton Candy e-liquid you will be able to enjoy the fluffy flavor of this caramelized sugar treat and skip long lines, sticky fingers and the annoyance at the fleetingness of this addictive taste. Enjoy your cotton candy as long as you like, at any time of the day, whenever you have a moment to smoke your e-cigarette. This  immensely sweet and pleasant e-liquid also has a pleasant bonus to it: you won’t have to worry about your teeth, because you will be enjoying a flavor, not actually eating tons of melted sugar! 

Doubleyum eliquid

You love bubblegum but don't like when it loses its flavor? Now you can enjoy the unforgettable sugary taste of bubblegum as long as you wish with this flavored e-liquid! Yummy!  This is the blast of fruity and candy flavors! All the sweetest goodies in one amazing e-liquid!

Lemon Sugar eliquid

Remember being sick as a child? It seemed that you were given the bitterest medicine in the world back then. All those syrups, pills and tinctures…except for those little lemon cough drops. Those that tasted too good to be medicine.  If that lemony taste makes you feel pleasantly nostalgic, than rejoice!  Sweet Lemon Sugar is back in new shape!  Now you can enjoy this memorable light and sweet taste mixed with strong citrus zing whenever you want.  Revel in the good memories by savoring the Lemon Sugar flavor during your smoking break!

Rainbow Candy eliquid

Even when the day is rainy and you mood is gloomy you still can taste the rainbow in more than one way. Sure, you can buy a box of Rainbow Candy, but now also you can purchase the Rainbow Candy e-liquid for your e-cigarette!  This flavor won’t leave you unimpressed, we are sure of that.  Don’t be afraid of any synthetic components or saccharine aftertaste – our natural flavored e-liquids have none of those.  Every e-liquid is 100% organic and non-hazard.  Smoke your safe cigarette while standing near the window and watching the rain and enjoy the sweet and colorful taste of candies that will stay with you for the rest of the day. 

Violet Candy eliquid

Vintage sweetness and violets will make your smoking safe and stylish. This flavor mirrors the unique soft taste of cornucopia candy, allowing you to enjoy some unique sensations whenever you please. Don't worry about annoying someone: people are going to love that flowery aroma.  

Clouds in Blue Skeyes eliquid

With this amazing e-liquid your daydreams will taste of blueberry and cotton candy and smell of desserts and berries. The Clouds in Blue Skies e-liquid embodies the meaning of being on the cloud nine. Its sweet, sugary flavor mixed with refreshing dash of blueberry will relieve you of your worries, bring you inspiration and remind you of everything light, airy and nice that this world has to offer. Feeling blue has never been so pleasant!

Goods 1 - 8 of 8
products per page