Vision Spinner Review

Vision Spinner Review

When my Ego Twist died I decided to try a Vision Spinner for my next bargain variable voltage battery. The Spinner and Twist are pretty much interchangeable as they have very similar features but you'll find plenty of vapers who prefer one over the other due to the small differences in their design.

Vision Spinner with Liquinator Carto Tank

How are they similar?

  1. They are both available in a variety of mAh ratings. You can get the Twist in 650, 900 and 1000mAh while the spinner can be had in 400, 650, 900 and 1300mAh.
  2. They are a similar size, although the Vision batteries are a little shorter and stockier than the Twists. To give you an idea of this difference my 1300mAh Spinner at 4.5" is shorter than my 1000mAh Twist which is 4.7". The Diameter on the Spinner is 0.7" against 0.6".
  3. Both have a dial on the bottom which you can twirl to adjust the voltage. The Twist goes from 3.2 to 4.8 while the Spinner is adjustable from 3.3 to 4.8.
  4. Both have the same 510 connection.

With all the similarities between these two devices I'm still going to give you the recommendation to go for the Spinner if you are on the fence about which one to get. It's a close call to be sure, but I think the Vision product just edges a win.

Here's why I prefer the Spinner

  1. The larger circumference of the Spinner makes it a little nicer to hold in the hand
  2. The draw on the Spinner is smoother when taking a blast on my liquinator tank. There's seems to be a bit better airflow.
  3. For some reason the flavor I'm getting from my Alice in Vapeland "A Quiet Morning" 18mg juice in a Liquinator tank is a touch better from the Spinner with both batts set at 4.3 Volts.
  4. The big reason I prefer it is because the larger knurled knob on the Spinner is easier to grip, smoother to twist, and has much clearer voltage settings than the Ego.
  5. My Ego Twist battery died after a month of daily use and the vendor I bought it from only offers a 14 day warranty.
Vision Spinner Vs Ego Twist

Things I prefer about the Ego

  1. The surface on my Stainless Steel Ego has a nicer finish.
  2. The button the Spinner rattles a little when you shake it.
  3. The button on the Ego sticks out from the body more making it easier to activate.
  4. Vapor seems to me to be a touch thicker.

If you are looking for a cheap first variable voltage battery, or just need a backup, than I can heartily recommend the Vision Spinner. At around 25 bucks a pop they are a steal!

True Story

When I was writing this review I was holding my busted Ego Twist battery in my hand. I pressed the button to compare how it felt compared to the Spinner's and it miraculously came back to life. Unfortunately it died again a short time later :(

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